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Savings and Investment Services

Saving and Investing can take many forms – setting aside money regularly in a bank or building society account, Investment ISA or other savings plan for children or grandchildren, to maximising returns on already accumulated sums or inheritances – and the reasons for doing so can be just as diverse – saving for a first home or other short or medium term financial goal, or accumulating funds toward retirement goals. Whatever your situation and objectives, our approach consists of:

  • Defining your investment objectives e.g. income, growth, combination, target dates etc;
  • Establish degree of investment risk you are willing and able to take (click here for our investment risk questionnaire)
  • Suggesting and explaining suitable solutions
  • Implementing those solutions in the most tax efficient way
  • Reviewing the solution in light of changing experience and circumstances

Because we are a entirely independent, we are able to  put in place whatever solutions are suitable for you. That may include investment products and funds, in which case we are able to take a true, whole of market approach, or may simply be advice or cash flow planning with no investment product involved.

Savings and Investment Products include:


Investment Trusts


Onshore Bonds

Offshore Bonds

Structured Products

Unit Trusts and Oeics



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