Retirement Planning – Post-retirement

Building up a pension plan is only one half of the retirement planning process though and of course at some point benefits will be taken. In the past this was a simple process – take a tax free lump sum and buy an annuity – but today there are myriad options. Even what was viewed as the simple option – annuity purchase – involves many decisions including taking account of guaranteed periods, spouses benefits, health and lifestyle factors, increases to pensions in payment and so on.

Making use of the Open Market Option and taking account of health and lifestyle factors can add significantly to the retirement income our clients receive and you can access our ‘Enhanced Annuity Questionnaire”’ here.

There are a very wide range of other options too including:

  1. Income Drawdown including Flexible Drawdown
  2. Fixed Term Annuities
  3. Investment Linked Annuities
  4. Phased Retirement
  5. Third Way products which offer some elements of many of the above.

Our ‘Guide to Retirement Options’ includes an explanation of the various choices open to clients. This can be accessed below.


An Example of using a combination of Guaranteed Sources of Income to cover fixed outgoings and Flexible Drawdown to provide additional income over and above this, in a profile that suits retirement expenditure plans.

With the range of options available to us today, how and when benefits are taken is an area where advice has never been more important and is a core focus of our business.

We value long term relationships with our clients; but what do our clients say about us?

We cannot speak highly enough of the quality of advice and personal service that we have experienced from Stephen.  He is professional, thoughtful, understanding and will always go out of his way to ensure his clients are both happy and confident in their decision making.

Our journey has now taken us into retirement and we continue to work closely with Stephen and the team at Hammond Raggett in the knowledge that the planning and investment for retirement continues to receive the same high standard of personal attention.

Alan and Gail, Lancashire

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